Close Deal

The Value Of Closing One More Deal.

Are you delivering steady year over year improvements in sales productivity?
Gains in productivity happen when the right people are equipped with the right tools to close new accounts. Sales success means less attrition and more to the bottom line. Help your team make their numbers and they stick around to sell more.
Hire the right skill set. Put talented people in a position to win. Then arm them with guided selling, sales engagement tools and watch them succeed.

How We Accelerate Sales

Accelerating Sales for Leading Enterprise Class Companies

It's about becoming the trusted advisor to the buyer. Many buyers will kick the tires on the available options. Some might even spend some time on the phone to learn more. But that's not enough. Rep productivity means spending time with the right prospects-not tire kickers.

Every customer touch point is a chance to build your brand and walk the prospect down the aisle of the buy cycle. Choosing the right touch point, the right content, early in the process equates to productivity and better results. Smart outreach beats more outreach every time.

Our AI powered, 1:1 engagement platform brings value to the prospect. It turns your team into a trusted advisor that is guiding the process. This in turn makes your sales team more productive. They spend time with prospects that are actively engaged with your brand and genuinely interested in your value proposition.


Imagine Increasing Your BUYER'S Productivity.

The golden solution for productivity is enhancements to not just the seller experience but to aid facilitation of the buying experience. Buyers today are time deprived and don't have the time to go through "the sales process." However, buyers still want a personalized experience that recognizes their role and interests and content that caters to their unique business issues. At the same time, sellers want easy access to content, the ability to provide their value message to the right prospect and more time selling.

How Nuance delivers 1,000's of assets to 1,000's of channel partners

Making Partner Reps Competitive in a Commodity Industry - In order to be more competitive, Nuance wanted to support nearly 10,000 document-management partner reps by helping them get smarter. These reps compete in a thin-margin business and need help staying on top of DI products. Marketing wanted to try a monthly newsletter but didn’t have the time or resources to manually create a version for each manufacturer. WebReply introduced the idea of creating a SmartHub Newsletter that would let marketing easily segment and customize each issue by manufacturer. The dynamic content would keep partners informed about product updates, incentives, and training every month. Nuance sees over 2,000 visitors per month and can track the content each segment shows the most interest in - making it even easier to plan for upcoming issues.