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Are you confident that you have the right people in the right seats?

Today's sales leaders are faced with being able to find synergy between people, systems and strategy. Time is of the essence and you need to understand what it takes for your sales force to execute their plan. Most importantly, you need to know whether your sales force, as an entity, is capable of…

The Modern Science behind Sales Force Excellence.

Giving you sales-specific insights

As sales leaders strive to assess, understand, and develop their current sales force, there are four critical questions: Can the team be more effective? How much more effecive can they be? What will it take to accomplish that? How long will it take?


of sales leaders say their reps lack the ability
to connect solution to business issues

Source: SiriusDecisions


Eliminate 96% of mistakes when filling sales positions

Sales candidate assessments are objective. You can't be fooled by an individual's charming personality, perfect track record or exaggerated resume. Finding, recruiting, assessing, interviewing, selecting, and onboarding sales resources is a process. Improve your success and eliminate your mistakes by integrating a sales candidate assessment strategy and let the facts speak for themselves.

Eliminating mistakes: 92% of candidates, recommended and hired, reach the top half of their sales force within 12 months. 75% of candidates that were not recommended but hired anyway fail within 6 months.

How much more effective can you be?

A fully functioning team is just that, a team. The starting point to building a team includes assessments of individuals and their role within the team. What are the personalities and how do they work together? What would it take to make them more effective and what metrics will be used? Sales effectiveness analysis and scenario planning for team success bring you closer to your goals.

Answers Versus Findings

Our comprehensive assessments are a means to an important end. We collect data to answer business questions about your sales force. We analyze your sales force, its systems and processes, your strategies, personel and their ability to execute. Becasue we can answer your questions, we can develop a plan to make the necessary changes to grow sales and revenue.

We take a holistic approach to sales development using proven methodologies that provide measurable results

Our programs have been developed based on extensive research from around the globe to ensure that you get exceptional sales results. With data collected from over 1 Million salespeople, 11,000 companies from more than 200 industries around the world and independently validated at over 95% accurate we take out the guess work to give you the confidence to invest into programs that work.

WebRepy has distilled key information from a number of third party studies

The Objective Management Group whose continuous study has researched sales performance for the last 30 years, developed award winning sales specific evaluation tools independently validated at over 95% accurate. Sales training on its own doesn't work. Only 9% of companies see behavioral changes and 85-90% of sales training shows no positive impact after 3 months!

Building Sales by Creating a "Market of One"

A leading Legal & Regulatory publisher had ambitious goals to expand market coverage and build share. WebReply helped them institute an ABM strategy by helping them to engage prospects, develop leads, and close complex, big-ticket opportunities. The long sales funnel required consistent nurturing and marketing support. These opportunities involved multiple decision makers with diverse objectives and priorities with no clear buyers journey.

ProspectReach enabled sales to treat each major account as a "market of one." In doing so, our client was able to broaden and strengthen their relationships within major accounts and increase awareness and demand for Legal & Regulatory services and solutions. Integration and data share between ProspectReach and Salesforce enabled sales to access the power of the ProspectREACH asset management library and email using SFDC’s email capability. This meant accelerated engagement, and increased account retention for enterprise-class deals.