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WebReply’s platform creates a tailored experience for your high-valued prospects, leading them through the buying cycle and accelerating sales.

Built to enhance your sales processes and empower your sales teams

Winning new accounts in complex sales situations requires a data-driven targeted approach. Inform, educate and engage with more prospects while ushering the most promising prospects through the buying cycle. WebReply’s platform engages prospects earlier in their buying process with content dynamically tailored to their interests and needs. Our cloud based platform is built with the sales rep in mind. Simple to use and comprehensive in scope, WebReply sales acceleration tools are Marketing Automation for Sales. Armed with marketing approved programs, individual sales reps easily create their own segments, content and drive prospects to a SmartHub to nurture prospects to a close.

The Simple, Powerful Sales Asset Manager

Give your team the power of personalized, targeted email marketing. ProspectReach combines database/business logic with a content management system and email capabilities, making it easy for reps to conduct a one-to-one dialogue with their entire list of prospects. Segmentation and personalization drives prospects to a personal portal that serves them content tailored to their business pains and buying agendas. Dynamic content display increases downloads and prospect engagement.

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Intelligent Content Marketing and Presentation

A SmartHub is a landing page or website that is organized by user attributes, making it a better and more cost-effective way to nurture early to mid-stage prospects into closed deals. It is the only personalization platform to combine a CRM database with a Sales Asset Management System and Business Logic to dynamically generate individualized web pages based on visitor attributes, behavior and buying agendas.

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Building an Engaged Customer through Dynamic Sales Prospecting

When one of the biggest tech companies in the world wanted to ramp up prospecting and revenue, they called on WebReply to implement a series of Dynamic Sales Prospecting programs. These global programs organized around global brands were a series of multi-touch, multi-product, multi-language campaigns. Each utilized a complex program logic and ProspectReach analytics to nurture prospects with targeted content marketing. As prospects clicked through to recommended content or variable rep web pages, ProspectReach queued the subsequent outreach in a series of prescriptive email communications and content.

These highly effective campaigns require minimal effort from sales and deliver measurable performance. With no limit to number of contacts that can be emailed, emails are centrally sent by WebReply but through each rep’s ProspectReach account. This "marketing automation for sales" provides sales with qualified leads and results.

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