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Sales Asset Management Tool

Looking to give sales reps the power of personalized “enterprise class email marketing” so they can reach out to more prospects? Now you can. ProspectReach combines database/business logic with a Sales Asset Management system and email capabilities, making it easy for reps to send relevant follow-up emails - to one person or hundreds at a time. Reps have the ability to set up their own email campaigns using content that is organized by category or persona. It only takes a few minutes to find a relevant offer, edit the pre-loaded template and hit send. The dashboard reporting gives a real-time snapshot of the best responders so reps can prioritize their follow-up. Now reps can reach more people in less time.

Sales Asset Management

Organize and monitor content usage while enabling simple access to an unlimited content library. Sophisticated search and content share capability enables easy access for all users to your entire content library. Powerful reporting helps guide and manage sales teams to use the most effective content while peer to peer visibility enables collaboration and sharing of best practices.

Email Marketing

Create and send relevant, personalized content and utilize prospect buying agenda and buy cycle stage to deliver appropriate content and messaging to distinct target audiences. Tailor content delivery and communications through pre-approved templates and minimize the time and effort sales teams spend creating messages. Receive instant notification on prospect activity such as when a prospect responds to an email or views content.

Dynamic Sales Prospecting Programs

ProspectReach makes it easy to implement multi-touch nurture campaigns. It’s marketing automation for your sales team. Programs are conceived, created and carried out by WebReply. Dynamic Sales Prospecting programs ensure 100% rep participation and help accelerate pipeline for the entire team. Relevant, personalized content engages prospects. Comprehensive reporting on prospect engagement determines prospect buy-cycle stage. Engaged leads forwarded to sales to begin the sales conversation.

Contact and Data Management

Manage and keep prospect data up-to-date and reduce ambiguous duplicates by verififying lists during upload. The system allows users to create distinct segments and share lists with peers and managers. Easily establish business rules for system usage that ensures sales rep compliance.

Analytics and Reporting

Comprehensive reporting provides detailed view of contact activity and interests and sales asset performance. Easily adjust marketing programs to utilize up to the minute response data. Keep CRM up-to-date with seamless data sharing between ProspectReach and your CRM system. Easily share peer to peer best practices.

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