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Accelerating Sales Requires Answering 3 Simple Questions.

Sales is all about building relationships and trust with prospects. A fact often lost in the world of complex B2B selling.

Questions Your Enterprise Prospects Want Answered

"Why buy? Why buy now? Why buy from me?"

Our belief is that understanding how you sell is the most important part of our job. Once we do that, we will work with you to create an effective, long-term nurture strategy - one that includes delivering the most relevant and interesting content to prospects. When you work with us you’ll get a proactive, no-nonsense team who has been there, done that.

The Challenge:

71% of sales leaders say their reps lack the ability
to connect solution to business issues.

Source: SiriusDecisions


Moving prospect off of the status quo is the primary challenge.

Qualifying a prospect is a multi-dimensional, multi-faceted process. There’s not just one element, but multiple elements that lead us to believe that a buyer is ready. However, it is important to also correlate and connect those problems to the overarching business issues that an organization is facing.

Become a trusted partner

First Conversation

Prospects are forced to prioritize their efforts and are continually trying to quantify value on their own terms and timeline long before they will talk with a sales rep. We help reps create opportunities for the initial substantive conversation. More engagement early in the process equals more “at-bats.”

Improve advisory/consultative sales skills

The key to selling is to be the source of light that the customer can use to visualize improvement in their business. In today’s self-educated world, the seller will succeed or fail based on the buyers assessment of how helpful they are during the sale. The role of the rep has shifted from being an important consultative resource to being a guide that leads prospects to the right information. Reps that do a consistently quality job of helping their prospects navigate complexity and become fully informed will exceed their numbers.

Learn to ask questions: "good", "great" and "never thought of that"

Many sales people have been trained to make a sales call sound like an interrogation session. To succeed you must ask questions and listen. As a questioning strategy "good", "great" and "never thought of that" will provide you with a naturally powerful method of helping your prospect understand how you can help them. Your challenge is to help your customers make a buying decision that resolves a critical business issue. Your questions must be based on having invested the effort to understand the nature of their business and the key processes.

Establishing Solution Differentiation

Substantive conversations with prospects influence their value definition. Knowledge of the customer’s business is required to zero in on what makes your solution unique. What issues are they trying to resolve? What results are they trying to achieve? Solution differentiation emerges through the evaluation of your solution and the issues facing your prospect.

Building Sales by Creating a "Market of One"

A leading Legal & Regulatory publisher had ambitious goals to expand market coverage and build share. WebReply helped them institute an ABM strategy by helping them to engage prospects, develop leads, and close complex, big-ticket opportunities. The long sales funnel required consistent nurturing and marketing support. These opportunities involved multiple decision makers with diverse objectives and priorities with no clear buyers journey.

ProspectReach enabled sales to treat each major account as a "market of one." In doing so, our client was able to broaden and strengthen their relationships within major accounts and increase awareness and demand for Legal & Regulatory services and solutions. Integration and data share between ProspectReach and Salesforce enabled sales to access the power of the ProspectREACH asset management library and email using SFDC’s email capability. This meant accelerated engagement, and increased account retention for enterprise-class deals.