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The Guided Content Marketing App

Seeker provides the industry’s first AI powered, 1:1 engagement platform. By providing guided process, cadence and content marketing, Seeker is designed to help the “average” rep be more successful. Seeker is simple and intuitive for reps to use, delivering a Sales Engagement platform that helps reps build and manage pipeline. Smart engagement strategies help the rep deliver value to the prospect at every touch point. Expanding prospectReach’s exceptional content marketing facilities, Seeker provides unexcelled capability to nurture big ticket mission critical sales processes.

Rep Dashboard

The rep dashboard is entry point showing reporting on current programs, a to-do list for follow-up for the day and upcoming week, and a starting point to create new pipeline. The dashboard helps reps manage content marketing programs, link to third party resources, access reporting and analytics and lead the seller to take next steps. Seeker will be the window to facilitate improvements in sales productivity by providing the tools to help sales professionals prioritize, schedule and execute workflow processes.

Manager Dashboard

The Permission-only managers view of all team activity provides managers a snapshot of team outbound activity, success and areas for improvement. At a glance, managers can manage team members and their content marketing activities, on-time touches and response rates.

Manage Prospects & Opportunities

Seeker provides a snapshot of prospects that are currently in-play. AI built into the WebReply Smart Engine tracks prospect activity, content, engagement, job role/title and company value rating and provides a lead score for each contact. As the contact interacts with future communications, this score will adjust to provide an up to the minute probability of purchase potential.

Sales Tools & Resources

Seeker is a sophisticated content repository that utilizes a tagging structure to suggest appropriate content. Customized content tags (like contacts) are attached to each piece of content in the creation process to aid in searching, sorting and applying the right content to the sales situation at hand. Easy search for content marketing elements including sales plays, social, emails, voice mails, phone scripts, FAQs and sales training materials.

Analytics and Reporting

Comprehensive reporting provides detailed view of contact activity and interests and sales asset performance. Easily adjust marketing programs to utilize up to the minute response data. Keep CRM up-to-date with seamless data sharing between ProspectReach and your CRM system. Easily share peer to peer best practices.

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