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Intelligent Content Marketing
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A SmartHub is landing page or website that is organized by user attributes, making it a better and more cost-effective way to nurture early- to mid-stage prospects into quality leads. It is the only personalization platform to combine a CRM database with a Content Management System and Business Logic to dynamically generate individualized web pages based on visitor behavior and buying agendas. SmartHub eliminates the need to manually build campaign landing pages, saving you time and money - and the activity data easily integrates with Eloqua or Marketo. SmartHub makes it easier for your prospect to self-select relevant information and control their experience, keeping them engaged and coming back.

Advanced Web Engagement

SmartHub's advanced web engagement management capabilities dynamically match the message to the interests, buy cycle, state, and buying agenda of prospects. SmartHub is very strong at stimulating and managing inbound contacts as well as integration with social media channels. When the need is to communicate a complex suite of messages to a diverse community, SmartHub delivers exceptional results.

Tailored Newsletters, Marketing Resource Centers and Smart Sales Landing Portals

Create 1 to 1 relationships with multiple segments through individualized and relevant communication based upon past activity, interests and business attributes using a single, dynamic template. Enable your Sales Reps to create personalized portals for each prospect to match content to the individual.

Uniquely Personalized Web Engagement

Dynamically match the message to the interests, buy cycle, and buying agenda of your prospects. Direct your prospects to a personalized webpage, filled with content tailored to their interests. As they explore, the site will guide them to learn more through the dynamic presentation of content by vertical, product and solution.

Strategic Activity Reporting

Monitor lead progression and build nurture streams with activity based reporting. Data capture encompasses activities and profile data to create a 360 degree view of leads as they progress through your pipeline. Performance dashboarding offers a simple snapshot of sales qualification. Third party integration of data completes the circle for a complete lead generation program.

Co-Branded Partner Landing Portals

State-of-the-art channel communication platforms provide turn-key demand generation and sales productivity tools. These features can be accessed through a partner portal, thus protecting the partner’s proprietary customer lists. Included is the means to deploy semi-automated, co-branded, full-service marketing campaigns. Channel managers can access real-time usage metrics and information they need to ensure partner success.

Sales Rep Smart Landing Portals

Enable Sales Reps to create personalized portals for each prospect to match content to the individual.

An overview of the Nuance Navigator SmartHub

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